Field in Orange

8 comments on “Field in Orange”

  1. Gorgeous landscape. The colors are so absolutely timeless!!!

  2. WoW! Great and I like very much colors.

  3. Very vintage and 70’s feel to this.

  4. i think if you took this the other way around,an orange in a field,it wouldn’t look anywhere near as interesting.

  5. Brilliant, I REALLY like this a lot

  6. Very pretty landscape. (your new background color really sets off your images nicely)

  7. Nice one, very calming feeling and some tasty vintage flavor. I like how this seems like it could’ve come from a Holga.

  8. cool new template.. it’s quite soothing.. 🙂 that bit of "light leak" makes it look like there’s a path cutting through the field.. nicely shot.. 🙂

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