The Bee’s Knees

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  1. Help! I’m trapped in 1970 and I can’t get out! I like how at first this appears all discombobulated, but then it becomes apparent there is a method to the madness and the eye is led back into the image by the edge of the bed and then the bookshelf picks up the diagonal.

  2. Nice glimpse of your real life!

  3. Like puzzle , tomorrow we’ll get the other parts ? ;)Bisous Elaine

  4. That is a great shot, Elaine. I like the way you make me think about & imagine the things you don’t show. Love it, my dear. In the house is where I wanna be. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. don’t tell me you have KNEEZLES!!!

  6. nobody loves their knees. do you ever hear anyone say ‘my best feature is my knees.’?knees always look better on somebody else.and i wonder, do bees even have knees?i was curous, so i looked it up. the internet is a wonderful tool. "Bees do have segmented legs, consisting of parts called a coax, a trochanter, a femur, a tibia and a tarsus."this according to the nakes scientist. he says the joints "must be considered knees."well, a tarsus is the ankle and heel structure… and the tibia and femur are the long bones in the leg.what is a trochanter? hmmm… according to my google search, it’s a bony protuberance at the end of a femur.sounds like a knee kinda, but no… it’s not a knee. the wikipedia illustration of a trochanter shows its the part of the femur where muscle is attached. it’s definietly not a knee.let me google coax. hmmm… i better be sure i spell it right. c-o-a-x. ohhh! a coax is the same as a wheedle: to influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering.oh wait… there must be another definition. here it is: os coxa is part of the pelvic girdle.the naked scientist is wrong!!! neither of those parts he lists are– knee parts.i’m pretty sure bees don’t have knees. or else they are covered in pollen, so we don’t ever see them.maybe you don’t like your knees because they are covered with pollen? bzzzzzzz.

  7. i’m sorry to hear your knees bother you so much from running injuries. the real kicker is you have to keep moving around or it will only get worse. i was reading the other day, just a week or two ago, that pfizer developed a painkiller for arthritis that was so good that people overtaxed themselves by doing more than their bodies could handle. things like hip and knee replacements actually increased as a result. the drug was too must be nice to live without pain, even for a little while.they had to withdraw the drug as a treatment for arthritis as a result. which is a shame. they are still studying its use for people with terminal cancer and such.take care and i’m going to bed. by the time i get ready, it’ll be midnight before i close my eyes. good night, elainie.

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