By the Tracks…

8 comments on “By the Tracks…”

  1. I like the tilt and the vintage feel, nice shot!

  2. i don't know why people put the ugliest things next to train tracks. it's no wonder rail travel hasn't caught on in america.

  3. oh you know it! i hate when people say happy holidays now. they say it almost apologetically, as if merry christmas is something that is politically incorrect. it's very sad indeed.

  4. pfft. a good heart and goodwill towards others goes a long way. don't let anyone ruin your christmas, but continue to be your wonderful self, elaine. i'm off to bed, it's wayyy past my bedtime. night night.

  5. Great angle!! Just enough to set you off-balance!!!

  6. I'll be waiting by the tracks, my dear. Waiting just for you. In between all the concrete while the trains rushing by. And I'll remember every single beauty of yours. Hoping you show up pretty soon. Great frame, great photograph, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  7. superb!

  8. Sweet! I love the angle and the tracks. Also digging that tasty faded look. Sorry my comments have been sparse, my intert00bz have been down. Apparently the pipe burst or something.

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