the one with the waggely tail…

12 comments on “the one with the waggely tail…”

  1. Now I'll be singing that song all day, Elaine!!! Priceless. I especially liike the wood grain. 🙂

  2. nice composition with the textures here. i also like the downward angle aiming at the cute little pooch. 🙂

  3. So cute with the dog looking up at you like that.

  4. Free & flying while you look down to me or I'm looking up to you. Love this one, sweet heart. Love it! The wooden floor is one of a kind. All the best & safe travels, fritsch.

  5. A vision from the past!! sweet!! Love his little wagging tail!

  6. Cute cute & re-cute ! Super POV

  7. Ha! That's great. Did she get her biscuit?

  8. So cute !! Happy dog, happy masters ;))

  9. Ahhh!!Cut little Dog. I Love it!

  10. Love the texture!

  11. you should teach this one how to quack.every dog needs a good trickin case they need to run off an join a circus.

  12. haha i love the 'different dog' story. i'm off to bed. night night. tomorrow is friday! yay.

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