8 thoughts on “The Vacant Lot

  1. did you ever see the jerry seinfeld show? it was a show about "nothing" and yet it was probably the most watched show ever on television.i swear… a vacant lot… you should mount your prints and frame them and put them in a show. I think you'd do very well, your pictures offoggy windows, freeway bridges, road dividers, fields, the world gone by, life's road trip where everything goes by too quickly. an yet,it's beautiful. at least half of our lives occurs inside of our heads, and the rest is as meaningful as a vacant lot save for a few lifetime pleasures.

  2. What a blurry beauty, sweetheart. That contrasts so good with your gorgeaous new layout. And after a long & wild ride we stay just here. Just the two of us. That would be as brilliant as this composition. Love this one, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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