My Living Room

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  1. I like this very much. The processing really brings it to life and the colors are wonderful. (I like your new banner too:-)

  2. The couch is busted. It's missing a sleeping husband and dog. Except for the floor lamp in the corner, this could've been mailed in from 1970. I like that kind of processing.

  3. What fun – I get to peak into your home! I love your hatbox!! Perfect processing!

  4. I see you have your tripod there. Lovely shot, great processing!

  5. lovely shot, the processing makes me feel the atmosphere… you've reached kind of a signature in your processing which suits the type of your photography and your environment – from what I can see in this picture 😉

  6. Love the tripod in the corner…perched and ready-to-go. A true photographer's 'space'. Love the timelessness of this.

  7. love your idea delicate shade and perfect frame

  8. very nice image – it looks like a photographer's home

  9. Boxes make great end tables. Love the processing.

  10. I really like the color tones. Very nice.

  11. a beautiful layout! very enjoyable to sit there and enjoy a conversation. 🙂

  12. looks like a comfy place to lounge around.. 🙂

  13. it's always fun to picture where people live, Elaine. How fun. 🙂

  14. I do really want to spend some time in your living room. Pillow fioght or just sit there & get inspired from the surrounding of my favourite photographer. Thanks for the invite & the lovely olf fashioned imagery, sweetheart. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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