Sweetness and Light

a couple of cuties standing in the lobby of a restaurant while their parents paid, i said to them ‘c’mon lemme take yer picture, pleeeeeze???’ and i took the picture while they eyed me suspiciously, and then immediately finked on me to their parents lolol ‘mommy, sheeeeeee took our picture!!!’

10 comments on “Sweetness and Light”

  1. Looks like the older girl has learned to be cautious. That's good. I like the stripes in this.

  2. The processing goes so nice with the restaurant scene. I love the expression on the older girl's face – a little suspicious, but still quite innocent. And how the younger one is posed almost hiding behind her is perfect.

  3. Kids!! Love the commentary…and what a sweet sweet lovely image!

  4. excellent portrait

  5. uh oh, good thing you didn't get in trouble with the parents. 🙂 the light in this is quite nice.

  6. odd how they're positioned like that.. it's like seeing / imagining how that li'l kid will look like in the future.. 🙂 nice catch! 🙂

  7. haah thats so funny…cute shot tho'…how do yoo manage these soft color effects???love it!!!

  8. That is a damn lively composition, my dear. And oh these eyes … they already look right into my soul. A most excellent frame, Elaine. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Oh those blonde fairies are super well framed !

  10. this it realy brilliant, so strange and this raises many questions, for me it's a kind of "shining" picture…. and I love love the way you take it, like street photography, see the fleeting moments and successfully take pictures,or not, this is realy a good one, Kris.

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