my husband, being very obvious about turning around to see whom i was talking about lol

9 comments on “Rubber-Neckin’”

  1. No offense to hubby since he's the main subject, but what a gorgeous background around him. 🙂 on his antics

  2. I like a well developed sense of subtlety. By the way, just who were you talking about?? I like your real-life captures, Elaine. They're fun to see and they remind us of our own humanity.

  3. lol.. i hate it when that happens.. you try to be as discreet as you can be, but your companion can't.. nice work capturing him while he's at it.. ;D

  4. Nothing like a little discretion!!! Nice…

  5. strange pose – with so many images of him I think that I am seeing a frind of mime – have a nice day

  6. He looks surprised !

  7. Is it like: "don't look, but so-and-so over there…" and he of course looks? 🙂 Nice processing and color.

  8. One of your best so far. But you just always show the best. And I'm a sucker for portrauits like this beauty & blurry backgrounds. Made my day, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Great candid, and I love the out of focus background!

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