Sky Line

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  1. I love your skyline – so dreamy and rich! You have been busy with your camera and art since I last visited. I must make time to visit you more often! I haven't posted to ShadowlandPhotography in awhile either!

  2. excellent sky and mood

  3. Love the mood you've captured/created. Nice minimalist image!

  4. Back to front clouds, there is always a sky… I like very much when skies speak as this one. Superb Elaine!

  5. Is a strange but captive image, very well done!

  6. very moody image, good processing.

  7. a very interesting work!

  8. You by my side & our heads in the clouds. Sky riding with my favourite artist. So moody, so brilliant, so beautiful, Elaine. I just love this gem! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Nice! I think you have a patent on these sort of bleak suburban shots with a side of moody.

  10. I like this. Looks like a storm brewing. The color palette is really pretty.

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