Bridge Bokeh

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  1. Alfred Hitchcock would be very proud of you! Gives me the shivers……

  2. Very nice!

  3. Superb, Elaine ! The mood, the depth, the frame too, i love that : clever & heart-felt with elegance.

  4. Oh..this one is magical!! The bokeh look like lights dancing around the bridge. Perfect!!!

  5. stunning dark tones and clever vieuxpoint, nice w/e

  6. Erie – I wouldn't want to be out there alone!! It is beautiful in its darkness.

  7. I like this night shot, this is an interesting direction you're taking. I hope there are more where this came from.

  8. those bokeh made this look so dreamy.. 😀 nice catch..

  9. great picture.Love this kind of works.Exellent.

  10. great picture.Love this kind of works.Exellent.katalog stron

  11. There they're coming…a bit scary and total beautiful!

  12. this is really cool. the bokeh effect works well.

  13. Your ability to show the most simple things & tell the greatest stories I do admire, Elaine. That is my kind of vanishing point. That is my kind of frame. And your monochrome never, never, never fail to make me feel unworthy. Brilliant, my dear, brilliant! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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