8 comments on “Open!”

  1. always great to see this sign when you go to a place when you're craving for! nicely shot.

  2. very good use of shadows

  3. Neon signs are great! This is no exception!!!

  4. nice capture.. :)i told wifey i wanted one of these when we were in costco.. she looked at me like i'm nuts.. ;D

  5. very nice picture

  6. Nice one. I like signs. And reflections. I also like the zesty green and blue tones in the reflection.

  7. Great shot Elaine i like the reflections of the traffic in the window….thanks for the visit……peter:) and it is my sister who is Elaine:D

  8. This beauty knocks me off my feet, sweetheart. What a gem! Stay open. I wanna come in. The darkest hours, The prettiest sign. The great Elaine! Love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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