Milo the Pug

ok so i took votes and wordpress it is, i will try to stay here for a long while, sorry sorry sorry

16 comments on “Milo the Pug”

  1. aww milo is beautiful! i just hope those aren’t worry wrinkles on his forehead. um… or does he have a nose on his forehead?

  2. p.s. the little slide show in the header is awesome. you always have great design ideas.

  3. i wish i had a nose on my when i am up to my ears in worry,i could still breathe.

  4. isn’t that how it always happens?the minuteyou pull your pants down, everyone…. looks ….and you have to hurry.

  5. you could keep a bowl of peppermint patties next to the couch. it might not help with the snoring but it might make the ash-tray breath better. and pity poor milo because dogs have super hearing / sense of smell. there is trick, i saw on television, that police investigators use when the stink gets bad: they put vicks vapo-rub on their noses.

  6. Excellent, Elaine! New site. Awesome dog, too! I don’t see a slide show in the header…maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  7. OMG – what a face!! Love your pov and framing. And – I’m amazed/impressed at how easy it is for you to so easily switch from one site to another!

  8. great dog detail – beautiful animal

  9. Haha, very cool. When our pug Watson lies on his back and I scratch his belly he gets all ‘friskified’ and runs around the room. That is known as the ‘tail-down run’, and is the mark of a happy pug 🙂

  10. Aw, cute ~ And you header is neat too.

  11. beautiful dog potrait foto.

  12. Haha, exellent, love the upside-down face of the cutie 😉

  13. Nice shot !!Welcome aboard

  14. What a beutiful pug!!! Your site is looking great!

  15. 🙂 Love the image. Very clever portrait of this angel baby.

  16. just made me smile HA (s)he’s working’ it’ like Tyra-Banks-style-fierce. sweet craft, vertical-frame-goodness too 🙂 lovely piece of work.

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