11 comments on “Field”

  1. I love your new setup. You have a beautiful array of photography Elaine. I like the impressionistic feel of the Field image.

  2. I never know what to expect when I come here, Elaine, so this is fun…to look all over the page and not just at your image for the day. 😀 Please don’t tell me that’s…sperm?…in the background wallpaper! HA!

  3. wow its amazing how quickly you change clothes. one minute you’re basic jeans and tee, the next minute polka dots and a whole new story.

  4. Gorgeous colors!!! Lately – every time I arrive here – I’m surprised…..:-)!!!

  5. Love the old time feel to this shot. Looks like its a hundred years old!

  6. great mood and colors

  7. a-ha.. so this is where you are right now.. hehe.. 😀 i’ll have to update the feed..

  8. Great processing. No worries – I get this site from home and the other site from work. The ip change probably just hasn’t propogated to my employer’s host yet – it takes a few days to get everywhere.

  9. Love the motion blur in the foreground. SLow down.

  10. Thanks Mark, I know i’m a pain in the arse lol

  11. A silent beauty, Elaine, that yells at me. And how I love your screams. It looks so beautiful & wild. Just like the two of us. Right? All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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