In the Fall…

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  1. Great photo. Zapruder style! It’s such a nice parkway.Also like the changes you’ve made to your template.

  2. Nice processing and this is such a nice shot.

  3. I like the motion blur, the canted angle, and the feeling of flying down the highway. Nice!

  4. Very pretty ~

  5. thanks Dustin, gave me something to do while i can’t breathe lol

  6. We’re so back into winter here. Really nice to be reminded of those fall colors!

  7. A nicely creative touch you have with this image. Beautiful colors and wonderful leading line too.

  8. colors are nice, and like a lot your PP work.

  9. Such a great composition. It’s not only that your open roads offer so much it’s riding them with you my dear that offers su much more. A brilliant frame, Elaine! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  10. very cool processing.

  11. As if we were on the road … A surprising effect !!!And the treatment is always great … I like !!!

  12. Oh, yes, this template is much more ‘you’ than AM3 – and what a glorious color-celebration image, too !

  13. j’aime bien ce traitement facon polaroid !

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