9 comments on “Niece”

  1. Wonderful portrait. It has a soft, painterly look.

  2. She’s a real cutie-pie, Elaine. Is she on your side of the family or hubby’s side?

  3. she’s beautiful. those eyes! those eyes!

  4. p.s. it looks nice without the polka dots. you’re right, it looks cleaner/simpler. all the better to show your beautiful photogaphs.

  5. Such a sweet face. She’s growing up quickly..and beautiful!

  6. Marcie, i never know what time it is until you comment lol let me know if you get this in your email, i working on a plugin that does that 🙂

  7. A very interesting processing. Nice result

  8. lovely portrait of your niece.

  9. She is cute !! I like the softness in this shot

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