Russian Blue Princess

13 comments on “Russian Blue Princess”

  1. Love that pretty picture ~

  2. blue is supposed to be a cool color, but your cat is hot.

  3. let me give you some warm on a not jazz-blues monday HA 🙂 someone is in the mood to paint, sweet piece of craft.

  4. Perfect title for this image, Elaine!

  5. Fantastic photo and a great final result of the frame:) I like very much. Have a nice day * _ *

  6. Blue & yellow work well here along with her delicious eye on us !

  7. Great colors..and perfect title to go with it.

  8. excellent colors and great pose – you must talk to the cats

  9. Oh & I thought you would be my blue princess. Riding together through those lonely & blue nights til dawn. But maybe your are the wildest cat in town. Anyway I take both side of yours. Great composition, Elaine!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  10. the blue really comes through well. the processing is cool.

  11. j’adore, ces couleurs sont magnifiques, et il est adorable, ce chat !

  12. Sweet memories of my cats gone by here . . all adorable in their own sweet ways and, yes, blue at times ! (Right Click Appreciation Society !)

  13. it’s like she has a halo on her head.. 😀

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