fur kids

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  1. lol, cute ~ I guess the doggy is asleep.

  2. I see she doesn’t value sleep like he does:-)

  3. Don’t you just want to steeze the squffings out of them! 🙂

  4. WOnderfully cinematic, i just love the fur tones !!

  5. So cool that they’re friends!

  6. What a lovely moment you have captured here and the cloak of sepia secrecy adds even more charm. The little one is so sweet.

  7. thanks Ronnie!!! she’s not so little anymore, but i still like processing her kitten pics, she grew soooo fast, and she’s almost 6 months old and we have yet to get her spayed 🙁

  8. aww, this is so adorable. I like the processing quite a bit.

  9. I like the warm tones and treatment here. Such a sweet photo. I had to chuckle at Sherri’s comment 🙂

  10. jolie scène, avec un très beau travail de post traitement.

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