the three muskateers

9 comments on “the three muskateers”

  1. Such wonderful relationships captured here. A whole story in a single frame. Love it!

  2. Constant entertainment – the little kitten is delight personified . .

  3. One for all and all for one – love this framing and the hues are beautiful, a really generous & cute shot

  4. thank you Karine!! you have no new picture, i hope this isn’t a bad sign! 🙁

  5. both toay’s and yesterday’s images are great – excellent processing and mood

  6. this is lovely. really sweet.

  7. one for all and all for one! Cute shot Elaine, lovely mood.

  8. it looks like you live in a fun house.nonono… not a fun house fun house.a house that’s fun.

  9. yes my house is fun, for me anyway, my husband is a curmudgeon haha, but it mostly makes me laugh, and the cat TORTURES him because he doesn’t love her enuff, whatever he’s doing there she is leaping all over it and knocking it over and turning his computer off…

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