Because You Loved me

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  1. Very nice, I agree, Elaine ~

  2. Elaine – LOVE it! Seems like I am spending more and more time away from my camera just now, but more and more time doing other things. And so the website link is to my regular blog and not my photography one. Have a great week Lady E!

  3. Beautiful and soft image, great processing! Amazing colors and mood! Excellent work Elaine!

  4. It’s amazing how far a little loving can take us, Elaine! Something all the world needs right now.

  5. hahhhahaha let me introduce you to celine dion HA 🙂 i might faint from sheer joy for the love of all that is holy hahhhaa opps. lovely piece of work and its artistry.

  6. great color palette, processing and mood

  7. Great color here. And – I love the word overlay. They’re like birds flying..filling the sky with music!

  8. You sure gave me wings & made me fly. With every great photograph. And this beauty is so damn uplifting & great that I immediately fell in love with you again! All the best &s afe travels, Fritsch.

  9. Very cool shot – how did you get the words in the photo? It looks like cross processed slide film which I love.John

  10. beautiful. I really like the processing!

  11. Love the colors & textures !!

  12. I really like how you incorporated the print. You’re a master of using overlays. And a nice shot, too.

  13. Love the soaring use of subtle overlays in this . . they can be so powerful when handled this well.

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