ma butt yo face

wait, isn’t it the kitteh supposed to be sayin’ that?

9 comments on “ma butt yo face”

  1. I love the look on her face. She absolutely knows there is a problem with her location. Nice catch!

  2. HA! Cozy, cozy, cozy for all three. 😀

  3. So sweet the way they love to cuddle up like that!!

  4. Hehe, super body language animal-speaking here ! And your treatment is really splendid beyond the grin.

  5. That kitten is a true performer for the camera . . look at those stretched claws ! Brilliantly-layered presentation, too. Unmissable.

  6. so the cat’s joined right in. 🙂 love the processing here.

  7. lol.. best title ever.. ;D nice catch..

  8. beau travail de post traitement.

  9. oh i hope he gets his job back!!! i’m glad the interview went well. hugs and i hope you both sleep well tonight.i’ll keep my fingerz and toez crossed that it’s good news he gets.

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