how much is that kitty in the window?

13 comments on “how much is that kitty in the window?”

  1. They do like to look out those windows, don’t they! Cute.

  2. That kitty is “priceless.”

  3. Thanks for visiting tonight and thanks for your sweet comment, Elaine. My piano used to be there,in front of the window, before the cat took over. 🙂 Also, I was afraid it would get too hot there.

  4. tooooo baaaad you had to move it, it looks so beautiful there, but of course the cat would take over lolol

  5. This cat is a cat in the window observer:) great picture and a climate.*_*

  6. A home seems incomplete without a cat or two or three . . . I guess most cats would agree.

  7. i am allergic to cats haha one is enuff for my antihistamine load, you have kittehs???

  8. She’s absolutely priceless! Love how you’ve placed her in the image!

  9. Interesting shot … is he looking for you ??

  10. very nice wistful shot..

  11. lovely. with the processing, nice mood to this.

  12. thats not a kitty, it’s another pillow. you can’t fool a fool.

  13. Johnny (G) Scott ™ (@CorOfTheS says:

    Well is that the world domination cat?

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