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  1. Hopefully the entire world is weeping right now, Elaine. I listen to CNN Int’l while I work on my jigsaw puzzle and I am welling up with tears the entire time…for Japan, Libya, Bahrain….

  2. I have to agree with Ginnie. It really does feel as if the world is weeping. What a wonderful mood you’ve created here!

  3. Sure seems a lot to weep about right now . . my guys are suiting up to go bomb folks into seeing reason as I type.

  4. yeah my husband is saving his pennies for a rocket launcher

  5. really cool processing, great mood to this.

  6. hi elaine! so mysterious photo presented here…

  7. You definitely created a powerful mood with this image Elaine. Excellent use of light and dark contrasts here.

  8. hi elaine! sorry to post twice, but this is my new blog address. hope you are doing well! 🙂

  9. A weeping willow tree, cloudy sky, and ominous grays. It fits the general mood of things at the moment. Your photo communicates very well.

  10. Textures & mono are superb to offer the whole mood along with the title, Elaine. Have a luminous week-end*

  11. great mood and feeling in this image

  12. This picture does look sad. I think it’s a weeping willow so I like how you turned the image sad to match 🙂

  13. Really like the mood in this one… and your site. Love you Elaine…

  14. wonderful mood you captured … a melancholy feel to this one

  15. you’re right. it does remind of weeping. the photo is dark and rich with texture.

  16. This is truelly immpressive. A dark dream of a landscape. Beautiful.Keep up the good workGeert

  17. love the treatment of this image

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