Little Feat

10 comments on “Little Feat”

  1. This brings a real smile. I love the swirls of fur! Thank you, Elaine.

  2. Lovely Elaine….you have such softness in this photo and you show your love for those little feet….i like it girl….wow…good stuff and all that:D….peter:)

  3. Small feat to capture those little feet? 🙂 I love them, Elaine. So sweet…as long as they aren’t rabbit’s feet dangling on a chain!!!

  4. Love the play on words. Very clever!

  5. So cute, looks so soft. Love it!

  6. so cute. fun title for a cool photo.

  7. beautiful touch of fur. 🙂

  8. hehe. very cute. Your photographic specialty is shooting organisms that are asleep. And that’s pretty damn cool.

  9. i like this image, has a nice, soft feel to it

  10. cool title, and that’s a nice shot you got there.. 🙂

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