Wee Phantom

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  1. Great shot. I learned to play on a keyboard like that. Make her practice until she hates it, then she won’t play again until college and will piss your whole family off by dropping out and going on a 1500 mile tour in a 20 year old van with a bunch of smelly indie rockers.

  2. hmmm i wonder if they have thought it out that far haha, i was a physics/computer programming nerd,VERY good at it could have made bonzo bucks, but my niece’s mom said’why would i want her to become a nerd??? there’s no future in that??’ so just to hurt me they will shut the sciences off for her, so i say they have a 1500 miles tour in a 20 year old van with a bunch of smellie indie rockers, COMIN’ lol

  3. Love the light in this one. So wonderfully framed.

  4. Beautiful picture, as always Elaine. It’s just ready and poised and you feel like you want to hear the music when you look at it.Very lovely indeed. keep up the great work, friend xx

  5. very cool effect!!! not playing the piano is one of those regrets i have in life …

  6. feels like we’re peeking in at her playing. cool. I’ve been thinking about getting a keyboard, much smaller than a piano. 🙂

  7. Awesome light and tones. I wonder what song she’s playing.

  8. un bien joli traitement des couleurs !

  9. I love this to bits girl…. great image of a lovely musician….i like the mystery of the Phantom look…..great treatment and texture Elaine…..encourage her to be the best that “She” wants to be….peter:)

  10. I find is an emotional experience to see/hear someone play a keyboard and your presentation here really cranks up the feelings . . strong stuff.

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