13 thoughts on “iPod Touch

  1. Oh exxxcellent, this is so XXI century & the retro-lighting of the screen so fab on his face ! Have a delicious week-end, you all.

  2. I prefer the touch of a guitar but this is a great frame, Elaine. Blue light ’til dawn. But it’s good to switch them off from time to time & look at your beauties round here.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  3. now now, no need to be insulting, it’s an iPOD not an iPHONE, and all he does is surf conspiracy theory sites on it… if surfing the web makes you a mindless zombie, then i imagine you are one too…

  4. I can just imagine the scene here Elaine…..Elaine …. “I’m leaving you for good this time for ignoring me”….Hubby …. “OK honey….we are out of milk and bread”….cool shot….Just Like You:D….peter:)

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