the last snow…

11 comments on “the last snow…”

  1. That really is a neat picture.

  2. So, no more snow is permitted? lol… I really do feel bad for you and others who endure harsh winters.

  3. meant to say that here, we don’t HAVE harsh winters in vancouver, just LOTS of rain, feel sorry for the rest of canada lol so yep, no more snow allowed since it’s spring and stuff 🙂

  4. I like the red sky, very cool.

  5. Exquisite color and light..and hooray for that last snow!

  6. you burn trees now!! great processing

  7. Lovely way of capturing it. Nice work with the contrast..

  8. Love the over all nuclear fallout look. Is that why it is the last snow fall. 🙂

  9. funky, cool processing. makes it feel otherworldly.

  10. The processing reminds me of some old Kodak film that seemed to really boost the reds and oranges. It’s an unusual treatment…and it works!

  11. this works really well with that sky.. 😀 you must be really angry at the snow right now.. 🙂

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