foggy morn…

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  1. I “LOVE fog–unless I have to drive in it! Neat shot. I like the “almost” surreal atmosphere.

  2. I love this – the spidery looking bush in the for-ground is awesome.

  3. Like emerging from a long night, just opening our eyes, heavy eye-lids on – superb range of smoked greys

  4. Very atmospheric. Lovely.

  5. We’ve had a couple mornings like that lately, too, Elaine. I actually love the fog. Not sure I’ve ever seen a trailer park in the fog, though. A first for me. 🙂

  6. Such a wonderful..quiet mood you’ve captured/created here!

  7. Very pretty. I like the misty, dream-like appearance. When I lived in San Francisco I liked to take early morning walks in the fog; sometimes it was so thick you couldn’t even see the ground below you and could barely make out the streetlights to keep in a straight path.

  8. you are the mood catcher – excellent image

  9. such a wonderful atmosphere. cool!

  10. love the tree in the foreground …very moody! all it needs is Frankenstein and a mob?

  11. Very foggy indeed, love the atmosphere and it looks great in bw too.

  12. Adore how fog changes our perception of even the most-familiar location . . mystery rolls in with it.

  13. The only thing to get me out of the bed is your beautiful foggy morn. Mindblowing, sweetheart. What an amazing monochrome, Elaine. Can’t help but love it! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  14. I like it when fog covers everything in a misty rain. One of the reasons I love the mountains. Nice one.

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