Things to do in Van when yer dead

7 comments on “Things to do in Van when yer dead”

  1. Great processing Elaine and very interesting theme 🙂 Best regards, Andrei.

  2. No death round here but hypnotizing blue eyes & your great & signature processing. Damn, that’s brilliant, Elaine. Shining through. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Wonderful portrait! The title is – well – just a little creepy..y’know?!??!

  4. nice tight shot of the face and cool processing.

  5. Hm. I like that pain texture you used. Gives me an idea. It is sort of creepy, but then again it’s not, because I sorta feel like we have seen him so many times we know he’s not going to do anything sinister. Whatever he’s doing, he’s about to go to sleep.

  6. but you didn’t tell me your creepy thought *pout* i told my husband and he didn’t get your joke, but he’s not exactly living the examined life 🙂

  7. huh? you actually rather scared me with this one. i’m not getting into *any* strange vans!

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