it’s her birthday!

she turns 10 this year, seems lik only yesterday i was taking pics of her baby bum after a bath

11 comments on “it’s her birthday!”

  1. A very pretty picture of her ~

  2. iTunes card, the perfect gift! Lovely portrait.

  3. And she’s looking older and more grown-up and more beautiful with each passing year! Such a happy portrait!

  4. Beautiful colors in a very spontaneous portrait

  5. happy birthday to the young lady !!!!!!!

  6. Wonderful portrait of your beautiful daughter. And, yes! She scores big time with the iTunes card :^)

  7. ca grandit beaucoup trop vite……………bon anniversaire à la ” petite ”

  8. happy birthday grasshopper!

  9. wait until she’s a bit older and then embarrass her with the baby bum pictures. 🙂 happy birthday to her!

  10. A lovely girl…and you did a fine job of capturing her smile and delight.

  11. She is truly beautiful Elaine. My granddaughter just turned 6 last month. They do grow up so fast. Great portrait, she has such a lovely smile.

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