Flash Sync

the only reason i posted this pic is coz the girl beside me was using her flash, i don’t know why, but i took a picture right as her flash went off lol, look at the angle of the shadows, it’s not my flash 🙂 what a coinkydink huh?

7 comments on “Flash Sync”

  1. Really interesting and surprise effect. Looks like a happy birthday party!

  2. wow! i love this effect!! how did u do it ?

  3. Cute shot of some precious girls! They look so quiet and composed, but I can almost hear their chatter and giggles.

  4. I always knew you are an intellectual. Now I got the proof. Finally. A great frame, Elaine. Mighty, mighty fine!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  5. the cool thing about indirect flash is you don’t get red eye.

  6. Reminds me of those pinpoints of flash in shots of event crowds which have me doing the math of chance . . but this is even more extreme !

  7. I like how you caught them all looking at the presents as well as each other and paying no attention to you!

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