Annexed Pillows

the pets even got my nice fancy pillows… sigh

10 comments on “Annexed Pillows”

  1. Yep, they don’t care either:-)

  2. Well what do you think Elaine!!!….after all they are our best friends….i like the pattern….did you steel them on a visit to the Pentagon…lol….peter:)

  3. il semble tout doux !

  4. But of course, Elaine. Isn’t that whats pets are for? Total pampering. 🙂

  5. here is the secret to a happy existence:heaven will treat you as nicely as you treat your pets.i saw a movie once. i want to say it was called planes trains and automobiles, but i’m not sure. it starred a big guy named john candy. i think the other guy was chevy chase? as traveling companions, they had to share a motel bed together. in the middle of the night, candy wakes up and asks:candy: where are your hands?chase: between two pillows.candy: those aren’t pillows!

  6. Lucky guys!! Such great colors!

  7. I also love these pillows hahaha I have a few other not sleep 🙂

  8. unless you plastic wrap them (and maybe not even then).

  9. If you have a cat, you own nothing. A dog will let you borrow your things for a while. You may as well submit.

  10. I WISH!!! our pug Watson would sleep on a pillow — not touching a human — at least every now and then!

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