Love Cat

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12 comments on “Love Cat”

  1. well hello there bright eyes!

  2. Aw, cute little sweet baby!

  3. Like the dark tones and the beautiful eyes. Great job on this image Elaine.

  4. Fantastic shot! I love those eyes!

  5. Oh..those flirtatious eyes!! What a beauty!

  6. Each of these delicious images brings me closer to being acquired by another cat . . I shall hang a ‘vacancies’ sign by the cat-flap.

  7. great darkness and colors – the eyes are fantastic

  8. cool closeup view of the kitty.

  9. Awesome portrait, love the eyes!

  10. get out! i’m at this very moment listening to the cure. honestly. never mind that i’m listening to ‘piggy in the mirror,’ it’s enough that we like the same music. the cure is awesome. everytime i listen to them i think “i forgot how great they really are!” or were. i probably have every album they ever made. most of them anyway.’the lovecats’ is so… totally elaine.

  11. wow.. look at those big eyes! 😀 mesmerizing.. 🙂

  12. I like the shadows and how she seems to be about to get up to something shady. Roman says: thx for all teh kittehs!

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