14 comments on “Electric”

  1. i’d buy the unplugged version of that album.

  2. Everything about this says ‘electric’ . . very clever and creative artwork that blends together so well.

  3. Very electric indeed. Love the tilt, cool angle.

  4. I can feel the static in the air. Wonderful!!!

  5. extra cool processing. very nice!

  6. shockingly good photo !!!

  7. An electric sky to blow my mind. You really light up my imagination, Elaine. A great one, my dear.All the best 6 safe travels,Fritsch.

  8. Beautifully ominous …

  9. Kisess!!! 🙂

  10. Perhaps it will activate the URL: http//:beanow.alkos.info

  11. Very cool shot. You had me with the power lines:-)

  12. I really dig your bleak shots with electric lines, nice feel of alienation, yet connection.

  13. Power to the people….even the most undeserving of it…..fantastic angle and process Elaine!!!….you electrify my mind with your talent…..xxxxoooo….or…. Bisous….peter:)

  14. saw this one again, remembered it, and tumbled it. and you say nobody ever tumbles your stuff:-)

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