Soggy Field of Dreams

15 comments on “Soggy Field of Dreams”

  1. Like your title Elaine, very appropriate with all the April showers we’ve been having. Fabulous dynamic sky along with the colors of the landscape that create the mood for this spectacular image.

  2. It does look soggy! Cool lines and colors.

  3. That is so pretty, Elaine.

  4. Soggy or not, build it and they will come, right? 🙂

  5. Lovely mystical..magical feel to this one.

  6. Excellent shot. congratulations!

  7. And so we both just wander through these fields of dreams & through a wide open country. A new favourite because of your delicious processing. A great frame, my dear!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  8. Ohhh!!!….fan-super-tastic Elaine….i love the fields and the mist….but that sky is magnificent….xxxxoooo….peter:)

  9. I really like the colors and the title.

  10. That I like this at once soft and mysterious atmosphere… A very lovely dream Elaine !!! I like 🙂

  11. Like a painting… the tones are beautiful… very dreamy 🙂

  12. that’s beautiful elaine. the sky is compelling against the pinkish hues of the earth. very cool.

  13. Love the powdery blue tones in this one.

  14. Excellent, more bleakness! I like it.

  15. walking through that field would sound like.. ‘squish.. squish.. squish’.. ;D nice catch..

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