In the Sun

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  1. the cat looks soooo content.

  2. one would think that bright pink ears would scare the birds away, leaving the poor cat hungry.

  3. Nice! This portrait does so well in showing Audrey’s pretty face, the softness of her fur, those ever attentive ears, and what it means to be able to sleep in pure bliss. This photo just has to be one of your best.

  4. So sweetly sleepy. Love that she fills the frame.

  5. There’s no creature on earth who does ‘satisfied sleeping’ as well as cats. They just look so sublimely peaceful in their kitty slumber. You have really captured this utter contentment perfectly.

  6. What cat can dream? 🙂 Beautiful *_*

  7. I like the colors and the processing

  8. Reminds me of a lazy sunday afternoon 🙂

  9. I really like the lighting here. Well done.

  10. She looks so grown up in this one. Love the light.

  11. Bliss . . and dreaming of it, too, I bet . .

  12. Super expression of the eyes, so realistic !

  13. I like this portrait of Audrey in the sun Elaine….and you captured her in your own creative way….Bravo….peter:)Who needs mountains when you can create your art wherever you are !!!! xxxxoooo…..:-)

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