Cute, Win, Fail?

Audience, we all know that Apple wins at everything, right? or dooo they? Assistant whom I don’t pay, go and get me… something made by Apple, oh wait, i have the iPhone, that’s Apple right? Right, so this could be a win, I love my iPhone, iPhone love, *sigh*… and of course Apple is cute, with their awesome fontage, and white keyboards and… other things. But are they cute enough? Let’s take a closer look at this keyboard, the keys are so teeny and SHORT that i have to cut my fingernails every day or they hit the back surrounding the keys, and look at how disgustingly dirty it gets as soon as you take it out of the box, i’m going to have to call this a FAIL, dear Audience, as always, place your votes in the comments below and we will painstakingly tabulate them tomorrow and the winner, well the winner gets nothing, thanks for playing cute, win, fail. Toby Turner out! UH! *falls off chair*

10 comments on “Cute, Win, Fail?”

  1. And…look at all the misplaced typing that gets all over it! The keyboard is a cute fail. (I know. I broke the rules.)

  2. I love it soooo much Elaine….there is nothing i like more than music….on a page….and it looks great on this keypad…..i tried to read your treatment overlay for 10 minutes…..turned my laptop sideways a few times caught some of the words and had a ball :-)….”Totally Like me”….too :-)….peter:)

  3. obviously apple is a win for its shareholders. i love my ipod, that’s a win. but since i have invested thousands of dollars in windows office and adobe creative suite– windows versions– the fact that apple os is not compatible with my software is a big fail. i also hate that i have to convert itunes music to mp3 because i hate hate hate having x different music formats that are incompatible with each other.

  4. Peter LOVES reading background textures, Elaine. 😀 Do you know, I have never used an iPhone in my life, let alone held one in my hands. I’m sure I’d have no clue what in the world to do with one! Do they actually phone people???

  5. Fun game!…and interesting image!

  6. I like the detail and the processing

  7. excellent processing here.

  8. Apple as a brand: Win. Ipod: Win. Iphone: Fail. Imac: Win Macbook: Fail. Mac Mini: Fail. Ipad: Undecided. Overall: 3 wins, 3 fails. so er, Fail! Why? Apple as a brand, very desirable and what you need to show you are with the ‘in’ crowd. Ipod, set the standard that no one else can beat. Iphone, THAT signal problem if held wrong. Autocorrect (despite inspiring a very entertaining website). Imac, just looks better and performs better than any equivalent PC. Macbook, toooo expensive compared to what you can get for a PC laptop. Mac Mini, just doesn’t quite do what it oughta! The fail comes from Apples stubborn insistence on preventing cross platform compatability. It’s such a pain and means if I want an Ipod, really I ought to have a mac computer. If I want an Iphone, I really need that Mac computer. They release so many versions of their hardware and allow the older models to seem obselete within a few years.Um, rant over. Perhaps I have Apple envy?Nice picture 😀

  9. meh.. too pricey for me.. i’ll just spend my moolah on camera gear.. lol! but yeah, it looks pretty high maintenance if you have to clean it regularly.. 😀

  10. Cute! And I want an iPad.

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