5 thoughts on “Punch Drunk

  1. i kept waiting for the picture to focus, but i guess its not going to.i need more punch.p.s. i loved the karaoke luka song. it’s one of my favs and you have such a unique voice! seriously, with so many artists sounding similar/alike, it’s really nice to hear someone who is recognizable, unique and can carry a tune. you sing great- and listening to you is a treat! brava.

  2. ooh, you know what, i just got an idea? if i were a full fledged artist looking for his/her next project, this’d be a great idea.. getting punch drunk and then roaming around the streets shooting while punch drunk.. 😀

  3. I love this. I tried similar effects when I was the passenger in a car and I let a longer exposure create strange effects. Yours is much more subtle though. Beauty through simplicity.

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