Cherry Tree at Dusk

i took the song off the main page coz it was driving ME nuts hahaha, but i put a slideshow up of my old pictures. and there’s music on there, but you can just hit stop/pause if you don’t want to listen to it….

13 comments on “Cherry Tree at Dusk”

  1. That tree is gorgeously full–and I’d love to see it “in person.” This photo reminds me of something that Fritsch would do because of the juxtaposition of the gentle pink of the tree and the brash colors of the wall. There are other interpretations floating around here, too, but this will do for now. Nice work.

  2. whoa! fantastic capture !

  3. Very pretty, Elaine ~

  4. Ahhhh. Now THAT’S a cherry tree. I love it with that door in the background, giving it contrast. You do have your own unique PPing, Lady. 🙂

  5. I love how you framed this, the tree is a pure vegetal firework and the colors with the house behind, superb, Elaine. Have a super end of week with yours, my dear*

  6. They’re so beautiful at this time of year. Lovely!

  7. Oh yes, this is my kind of shot, sweetheart. So full of William Eggleston feel, full frontal & mighty minimalistic. This is a new favourite, Elaine. An oustanding composition. Love, love, love it!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  8. excellent spring moment – elaine way

  9. Really wonderful…

  10. wonderful tree and a blast of color.

  11. I like how the huge tree dominates the frame, but then the eye is drawn back to that perfectly lit red door.

  12. I really do like your style, both of the photographs and of the look of your blog. Fantastic!

  13. Great tones *-*.

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