17 thoughts on “The Shack

  1. Wow Elaine!!! great composition…it is old and overgrown but i love it and the shed out back as well….good job girl….say hello to kitty for me….peter:)

  2. Ah, yes! This is your second-best photo (the one of Audrey “In the Sun” gets one point more). ;)You’ve given this poor shack and it’s cluttered yard a lot of deep colors and the texture is great. It sure makes me wonder what the history of this place is! Really nice work!

  3. Great atmosphere here, almost spooky. You know me and I love the details like the tree in the background, looks like it’s disappearing. Nice job 🙂

  4. It’s the kind of place conjured up from childhood memories that scared the bejesus out of us when we were out scavenging around the back fields!

  5. The ghost of a building holds many tales, most remain untold, but there will be those rare, precious moments that echo through time via the souls that once inhabited the brick shell and made busy their lives.

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