ME et al

terrible picture of many pictures of me and… people 🙂

7 comments on “ME et al”

  1. Cute pictures ~

  2. I didn’t know you are a model!

  3. Fun to see pix of yourself thru the ‘ages’ all gathered together like that!!!

  4. There are faces I remember!

  5. Nice to have a history in photographs. Before I got married I hardly had any photos taken of me, even as a child. I am now very much a photo taker and photo partaker! I think it’s important to chronicle your life, especially now it is so easy with digital cameras.

  6. Interesting take on a collage. I love the shot of you with the fiery red hair and look of being up to no good.

  7. now that’s a cool collection of photos you have here.. i like how when you read the title out loud, it reads ‘metal’.. ;D

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