15 thoughts on “The Drive Home

  1. Very pretty, Dear ~ Lots of times I notice the sky when driving, and don’t have my camera. Or I can’t get somewhere to get a good view of it.

  2. I really bow my head, dear. Damn, that is my new favourite. What a frame. Open to so many stories & songs about us two driving down these roads. Love this beauty, Elaine!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  3. I always like shots of rolling roads disappearing into the distance. When I’m in photo mode I will often try and snatch a shot as I cross a road, especially if it’s a wide one. There’s something very inviting about the open road. Even for a non-driver like me!

  4. i love driving home after work. i don’t really watch the sky to see if it crinkles like paper. i mostly wish people would get out of my way so i can get home faster. if i could write something on the sky during my commute home, i’d write a poem about leprechans.

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