Objects in Mirror

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  1. Disturbing feel to this. Reminds me a bit of the Twilight Zone. I like it.

  2. You took your own picture ….how cool is that!!!…..but i don’t think that it looks much like you at all….i am almost sure that you are not blue lol:D… xx oo ….peter:)BTW i tried to link over to you from two wordpress sites last night and it only brought me to a page to sign up for their program…what’s with that????

  3. Took me a moment to figure out. Very cool!

  4. Wow. You really are the most original photographer I’ve seen!

  5. Wow the processing makes this seem very eery and mysterious! Nice idea it works!

  6. May be closer than they seem! Great self-portrait. I agree with SD that the processing makes it seem kinda eerie.

  7. Looks like something out of a horror movie. Creppy! 😉

  8. cool processing, like an alternate reality.

  9. I can SEEE you! Well kinda. What camera is that you’re holding, a Canon? It looks to me like there’s a crack on the mirror. Is that my imagination orpart of the processing? I’d be interested to see the original shot on some of your pictures to see what elements you have added. It must take you ages to do this level of processing.

  10. always love mirror shot but u’ve turned this into art. excellent!

  11. hi mike, sorry for the blog comment haha the camera is an 18x bridge camera by fujifilm, s1800 or something like that, it’s a pretty nice camera for so cheap…. there’s no crack in the mirror, that’s just over head power lines, most of my original shots are complete crap and i wouldn’t show them to anybody haha

  12. And my favourite object in the mirror remains my Elaine! Gritty, rough & mindblowing, my dear. An amazing frame. Feels like gasoline in my veins.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  13. very artistic processing – I like it a lot

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