10 thoughts on “Bleakness

  1. Bleakness never looked better, sweetheart. You put my feet on the ground & my head into the wild sky. We are running wild. So wild, so beautiful, so full of grace!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  2. I like this Elaine and don’t find it bleak at all….you have given it a fantastic backlight enhancing your silhouettes of trees in your skyline….have a great weekend girl….Bz….peter:)

  3. Bleakness. Yes, there isn’t much in the sky or on the ground that says much more than “I exist.” I’d like to think that bleakness viewed from another angle would always show beauty–something like seeing the bleakness of the moon’s surface close up or seeing that same moon in full display on an autumn evening. But, maybe I’m wrong and bleakness is just bleakness. I’ve been wrong once or twice.A thought provoking photo and title!

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