Spring Buds

12 comments on “Spring Buds”

  1. Beautiful tones and lighting in this wonderful image Elaine. Like the magical feel you created here.

  2. I like that pretty picture, Elaine.

  3. Love the x-ray-ultra-sound look to this – it sure confirms that flowers can be expected !

  4. Magical processing. Reminds me of a negative. Really nice!

  5. mysterious !!

  6. What are you a romantic soul, Elaine… Beautiful image.

  7. psychedelic and very cool!

  8. Nice shot, I like the green tones.

  9. A refreshing contrast to all the bleakness posted recently. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I like bleakness a lot. Just saying the change of pace is nice.

  10. I really like the lighting of this photo, works perfectly with the green.

  11. Delicious personal interpretation of the season, love your processing

  12. Another nice image. I don’t know how much is your processing, but whatever you’ve done it’s got a strangely hypnotic feel to it. Seeing as I am never allowed to see originals I shall never know. By the way I like your new blog, mostly because it is quicker to load and easier to browse on my netbook!

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