16 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. i love pink ears caused by back-lighting. james durbin, the rocker who got voted off american idol, almost always performed with pink ears. i almost voted for him once for that.

  2. Silver lining indeed! I like the lighting, but also the intent stare at some unknown object caught from an unusual angle. She looks ready to pounce on some point of light on the wall or something like that.

  3. Great composition here and treatment with the lighting Elaine….your kitty’s ears look translucent in the back lighting….great stuff!!….love it….have a nice holiday weekend….the weather sucks up here today…but there is still tomorrow….peter:)

  4. that’s quite a pondersome little stance you’ve captured. my jane does that sometimes. took me a while to figure out what jane was looking at on the blank wall and all i could figure was it was shadows and light reflecting from a window. i like the green pillow next to your angel baby. gives it a retro splash of color. (neat theme)

  5. Bathing in light. In your great light, Elaine! That’s what I came here for. That’s why I stay here. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  6. Wow! I’ve missed some great pictures in my brief absence. Here is an example of another great kitty pic! I like that the cat is nearly silhouetted, except the bright glow. A simple but eye catching composition.

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