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  1. I like neon signs. And these are fascinating because they went a bit overboard with the colors. Well seen.

  2. This is like a hazy memory of things gone by . . such as my hair and my memory itself. Now, what was I going to write ?

  3. Oh…I love this one. The color..the light. Such fun!!!!

  4. Cool!

  5. woah, fantastic color and almost surreal scene! beautiful, Elaine!

  6. I like how this is glowing, cool.

  7. excellent colors and framing

  8. Excellent composition and colors !

  9. très bon traitement sur ces néons

  10. Is that a mix of different photos? It’s very cool. We went to an art exhibition on Sunday and one the artists did that kind of thing, pasting and melding multiple images into one overal theme. I said to @geripinto when I was looking at them that you could do that kind of thing with your many interesting shots, creating a sort of layered montage. I think you can build up an interesting story within the space of one image by doing so. This image just reminded of those images. I really like it because it has colour, but has a hazy glow to it that belies the usual neon brightness you’d expect.

  11. I like it Elaine….the neon signs are great and your treatment is just fun….are those trees reflecting in the top left of the window/!!!:)….peter:)

  12. That’s a great, Elaine. Though I do it all by myself & don’t need a hair designer. But that’s a different story. A glowing photograph, a brilliant frame, my dear!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  13. isn’t neon a gas too?

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