11 thoughts on “got gas…

  1. Got gas….. yes i do…. but how did you know!!!! lol …great title and an even greater imagination Elaine….have a great weekend….i put my boat in the water today….going fishing in the morning….maybe afternoon….since i am up so late leaving this message:)….peter:)

  2. Lately – every time I come here..I find a different site layout. FUN!! And – love the light in this ‘gas’ pic. Interesting subject matter..for sure.

  3. the very first thing that came to my mind was – explosion! 🙂 I like the tubes coming out of them and that cap. cool.-viks

  4. i love when people are on oxygen and can’t stop smoking. i don’t want to be there when it blows up in their face. seriously. i assume those are oxygen bottles? i see the little ‘flammable’ sticker on one of the bottles.on another note, your website loads a LOT faster. it still isn’t perfect, but acceptable. i don’t know what’s wrong with my computer. i downloaded the latest graphics driver. of course, everytime i do that, which is rarely, my computer grimaces and chokes like it swallowed a bad martini. it crashes. but slowly, it seems to get better again, like developing a taste for kerosine-soaked martinis.

  5. We all have that little “flammable” sticker on us and the regulator valve–and the capacity to burn and blow sky high. Well, I do anyway. I apologize for over-analyzing. Interesting photo!

  6. LOL. I like the processing – feels like this is in some hidden basement where all kinds of shady stuff is about to go on.

  7. I hafta smile at how fast the format changes here but I give this version high marks for being simple, bold and functional in delivering up your distinctive stuff without distraction. Oh, I’m gonna speak, too . . yay . . nearly lost my nerve there!

  8. Don’t need gas as long as I got your great art. Feels like gasoline in my veins. Makes me run & wonder, always begging for more. And by the way: A great theme for your great photographs!All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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