Nose Knows

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7 comments on “Nose Knows”

  1. I like how this works with so much out of focus. Nice one!

  2. So… sweet!! I can feel its cool wetness!!

  3. cool abstract capture. I noticed that about the URL on my last comment, odd.

  4. That’s scaring & beautiful, Elaine. A blurry gem, nearly abstract. But just like the nose, close to the heart.All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  5. chut, il n’arrive pas à dormir !

  6. Hi there Elaine….are you going somewhere!!!… you never told me…or is it that i have missed a few visits….sorry:(…. i love the nose and that we person tucked away in the corner…a fun shot….. but i would expect no less from you…. so where are you going???…xx oo….peter:)BTW… i like your new layout…:-)

  7. This POV is fantastic! I love it, great shot.

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