Kitteh Dreams

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  1. I see that she is such a Lady Elaine….great capture…. she is an up and comer…the way that she climbs the corporate ladder:)….xx oo ….peter:)BTW!!!! still no URL Duhhh!

  2. Dreams! You gotta keep stretching and trying to achieve them. Thank you for the reminder (and for posing), Audrey–and allowing Elaine to take the photo.

  3. she’s a sleek kitty

  4. I like the stretch and how the light wraps around. Also digging how the pillow is short and squat and contrasts nicely with the long shape of the cat.

  5. A comment…..URL Hell !!!….. do you know what Elaine…. i should have chosen a URL with much fewer letters in it LOL :-)….keep on smiling…. they will wonder what you are up to:-)….peter:)That is OK i don’t mind keying my URL that much….since your site remembers my name an Email…..:-)

  6. She looks almost human here!!! What a gorgeous image this is!!!

  7. “Each time I learn to find my way around this room, she sneaks in and changes the furniture. What’s a cat supposed to do ?”

  8. very cool processing, really like this. hey–my URL is there now. 🙂

  9. Wow, i really enjoy this, Elaine, the pose & the frame, superBBB

  10. She looks more like a fighter than a dreamer. But above all it’s you to make her look so wonderful. A great frame, sweetheart. And how I love your play with lights, shadows & forms words can’t describe.All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  11. somebody wants to get out i see!!!!!

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