Sparky Boy

8 comments on “Sparky Boy”

  1. Sparky is resting his sparks for awhile, I see. So cute when he’s asleep, right?! 🙂

  2. Love his curly coat!! Such a sweetie..for sure!

  3. Wooow!!! Sweet! Fantastic light!

  4. nice tones in this B&W, a definitely cutey pie. 🙂

  5. what kind of hair mousse does sparkle boy use???

  6. Not only does Sparky look damn good but what a brilliant frame, my dear. And let me tell you that you don’t need any of mine photoshop action. You got your own one of a kind action. One to knock me off my feet constantly, Elaine. Great!All the best & safe travels,Fritsch.

  7. I’m digging the black and white and all that delicious contrast. Nice one.

  8. he looks so cute with all those curly fur.. 🙂

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